Sales Team

The Avon Ohio Homes Team has outsold all other real estate team in real estate sales for over 10 years. We have sold or experience with every development and areas across Avon. We are knowledgeable and have all the answers to your home or condo questions. Our knowledge, negotiation skills and commitment to you is how we have so successfully helped both sellers and buyers find homes and condos in the Avon, Ohio area.

The mission of Avon Ohio Homes is to assist in educating, in a quick and easy manor, the prospective buyer so they can obtain the best property for them and themselves. By doing this we will strengthen the heart of our great city and are making Avon a more prosperous city.

Remember, this is only some of the homes and condos we have to show you and we would love to show you more! When deciding who to help you buy or sell your next Avon home or condo, it is important you work with the team of professionals that can service your needs appropriately.

Contact us today if you are looking to buy or sell an Avon home or condo! With our large team of agents, we have assisted many of the current residents of Avon to find the home or condo of their dreams. Check out for more team details.

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